Ananda Breath and Soundbath with Peter Degraff and Meghann Foster  

Join Peter and Meghann for an opportunity to get out of your “thinking mind” and have a truly remarkable experience. During the first stage of your journey you will be guided and facilitated through an intense session of breathwork which will allow for energy to flow more freely through your chakra system. As the intensity of the breath session wanes The sound-bath portion of your experience will begin. During this phase Peter will fill the room with vibration and sound from a variety of gongs and crystal singing bowls while Meghann uses subtle affirmations and Reiki techniques to help you along your path. After the vibrations of the sound-bath subside, soft uplifting music will ease you through a period of quiet reflection and back into your “thinking mind”. To finish the evening there will be ample time for everyone to share their experience with the group if they so choose.

  • Wear loose comfortable clothes. Feel free to bring your own mat, blankets, pillows etc to ensure your comfort throughout the journey. Space is limited so we encourage you to pre-register via OmLand Yoga website or MindBody app.
  • Where: 6 State St. Bangor, ME
  • When: 6-8 PM Sunday, April 22, 2018
  • Cost: $44.00 per person ($39.00 if you sign up before 4/14)