Soundbath Meditation with Peter Degraff  

Join Peter for a unique meditative experience which will take your brain from its normal ‘beta-wave’ activity down into relaxed ‘alpha-wave’ activity and eventually into the more meditative brain activity of ‘theta-waves’.
To begin you will get comfortable on your back and be led through a gentle cleansing breathing exercise. In the next stage you will be guided through a meditation which will encourage your brain to sink into ‘alpha-wave’ entrainment. Your journey continues as the room is bathed in a variety of sounds and vibrations via gongs and crystal singing bowls. The soundbath will encourage your thinking mind to let go even further as it sinks into ‘theta-wave’ activity associated with lucid dreaming. After a short period of silence you will be gently brought out of your experience and back into the ‘beta-waves’ that constitute your day to day brain activity.

  • Wear loose comfortable clothes. Feel free to bring your own mat, blankets, pillows etc to ensure your comfort throughout the journey. Space is limited so we encourage you to pre-register via OmLand Yoga website or MindBody app.
  • Where: 6 State St. Bangor, ME
  • When: 7-9 PM Friday, June 22nd, 2018
  • Cost: $34.00 per person ($29.00 if you sign up before May 22nd)