Student Semester Memberships


Student Semester Memberships for $199/prepaid.

One semester for only $199 (that works out to $49.75 each month). Students will receive 4 full calendar months of unlimited classes.

Fall Semester – unlimited classes starting September 1st through December 31st

Spring Semester – unlimited classes January 1st through April 30th

Summer Semester – unlimited classes May 1st through August 31st

  1. Make sure your current account with us has a valid credit card on file or, if you don’t have an existing account, create one here making sure to enter your credit card info:  My Account
  2. Then send us a picture of your current, local, student ID and your authorization to make the one time, $199 payment in full, on your behalf to  Om Land Yoga

Note:  the time periods and fee for the Semester Membership are set, as above, and cannot be prorated. (Even if only 3 months of this $199 membership are used, it will be a savings compared to 3 months of our standard membership: $267.) Also, memberships are available only to students with valid student IDs to a school located in the State of Maine.