Om Land Yoga’s Student Memberships

To help students manage their Om Land Yoga memberships and not have to remember to cancel each time they leave school on break, we are revamping our student memberships. Each semester for only $199 (that works out to $49.75 each month) students will receive 4 full months of unlimited classes.

Student Semester Memberships for $199/prepaid:

  • Fall Semester – unlimited classes starting September 1st through December 31st;
  • Spring Semester – unlimited classes January 1st through April 30th;
  • Summer Semester – unlimited classes May 1st through August 31st.

Note: the time periods and fee for the Semester Membership are set, as above, and cannot be prorated. (Even if only 3 months of this $199 membership are used, it will be a savings compared to 3 months of our standard membership: $267.) Also, memberships are available only to students with valid student IDs to a school located in the State of Maine.



Steps for Purchasing Your Student Semester Membership:

If you haven’t previously created an Account with a Login with Om Land Yoga, create one in MINDBODY. If you already have an account with us, use your email to login.

Once you are logged in, go to the MY INFO tab and store the credit card you would like to use in the BILLING INFORMATION of your PROFILE page.

Email from the email address associated with your MINDBODY account and attach a picture of your valid, Maine school, Student ID. We will then be able to purchase the “Semester Membership” for you.



If you have any questions, please email or call 207-249-9180.

The Student 10-Class Multi-Pass for $99.00 (1-year expiration) is still available to purchase in person by presenting any valid Student ID at any of the studios – ideal for students who attend less frequently, miss taking advantage of the new student membership at the beginning of the semester, or are from out of state.