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Om Land Yoga Teacher Training & Advanced Studies Program

Program Overview

Om Land Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training and Advanced Studies Program is for serious practitioners of yoga and wellness desirous of becoming a teacher, as well as for students that may want to simply deepen their practice and live a more informed and healthier life.

The Om Land Yoga’s Teacher Training Program is a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance certified training program comprised of both contact hours (with an instructor in the classroom or studio) and additional non-contact hours of independent training. After successful completion of the program you will be eligible to register with YOGA ALLIANCE to receive your RYT-200 Yoga Teacher certification.

The style of yoga taught as part of Om Land Yoga’s program is both an alignment and functional based flow derived from a strong understanding of human anatomy and how each individual’s unique structure can and should have a unique yogic expression.

There is no single path to yoga. Our goal at Om Land Yoga is to give you the tools to discover your path and thereby help to guide others on their own.



Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all 11 weekend sessions for both days as well as complete all homework assignments in a timely manner. Students will receive a graduation certificate reflecting actual satisfactory attendance, participation and completion of assignments minus absences and/or unsatisfactory or missed assignments. (Students who fall below the minimum requirements set by Yoga Alliance will not qualify for their RYT-200 designation.)

At the discretion of the Director of Education, contact hours may be made up with private sessions at the current Om Land Yoga private session rate ($80/hour)

2023 - 2024 Program Dates

September 9-10, 2023

October 7-8, 2023

November 11-12, 2023

December 9-10, 2023


January 20-21, 2024

February 17-18, 2024

March 9-10, 2024

April 13-14, 2024

May 4-5, 2024

June 8-9, 2024

July 6-7, 2024

Primary meeting location will be the Om Land Yoga Bangor Studio at 6 State Street in downtown Bangor. The Brewer Studio location may be utilized as necessary.

All weekend dates are subject to change. (Dues to inclement weather, unforeseen circumstances, etc.)


Technique & Methodology

The asanas will be organized and taught as related poses – standing, twists, balances, backbends and inversions. We will explore the structure of the individual asanas emphasizing what each is meant to feel like rather than look like, how to guide students into a posture allowing for individual anatomical variations and how to incorporate props to make the asana accessible to those with more limited mobility.

We will teach you how to analyze your students’ anatomical structure and assist them into positions by finding their most beneficial expression of the asana. Adjustments will focus on achieving the desired experience of the posture rather than forcing the body into an idealized visual shape.

You will learn the art of creative sequencing and how to thoughtfully structure different levels and types of classes – gentle (yin) to vinyasa (yang), beginning to advanced.

We will examine the environment of the class setting you create: the intension you set, the music you play, the tone of your voice, etc. and how each of these aspects play a role in your students’ experience.

You will be introduced to several pranayama concepts, their benefits and how to incorporate particular pranayama techniques into your classes to compliment the focus of the practice.

You will study a variety of meditation skills, feel their effects and investigate how to incorporate these practices into your classes to heighten your students experience.


Includes practice teaching as well as assisting and leading during public classes, receiving feedback, and observing professional teachers at OLY and elsewhere.

Yoga Philosophy

Students will learn the historical and philosophical roots of the yogic tradition through a sampling of Vedic texts such as The Upanishads and The Bhagavad Gita and the evolution of yogic principals from The Yoga Sutras to their modern Western permutations. Class is driven by student discussion and monthly writing assignments which are later compiled into a portfolio along with a statement of the of the student’s yoga philosophy.

Anatomy & Physiology

Having a greater appreciation for the function and structure of the body will enable you to come to individual yoga poses with an informed and discerning approach. Focusing on the musculoskeletal, fascial, nervous, and respiratory systems, students will gain an understanding of the human body and its role as related to their yoga practice. In addition to lectures, students will participate in a lab component to experience “anatomy in action” through direct application to asana and pranayama.


Students will be expected to coordinate with one or more of their classmates outside of class time in order to practice their teaching of asana, pranayama and hands on adjustments. In addition, students are required to attend 10 regularly scheduled classes at Om Land Yoga and/or other studios. Students will need to be able to create and post videos electronically for asana sequencing homework. Additional out-of-classroom time will be expected in the completion of assignments/homework for all classes, which will as non-contact hours.

Tuition & Fees

Refund Policy

100% of application fee if student is not accepted into the program;
No refund of the reservation fee;
100% of all paid fees and tuition if program is cancelled;
No refunds if student withdraws from program or cannot successfully complete all course requirements.

Textbook Estimate

The finalized textbook list is sent to the accepted students a few weeks prior to the program’s start. 

Estimated cost: $100.00 – $125.00

Admission Requirements

We are seeking trainees with a solid foundation in yoga asana (postures) and who wish to examine in detail their anatomical foundation. Although Om Land Yoga will concentrate significantly on the asana aspect of yoga, trainees will also develop an understanding of the history and philosophy of all eight limbs of yoga as a multi-choice path to wellness.

It should be understood that the training program requires consistent physical effort over a course of several months. Whenever possible, we will accommodate special physical conditions as circumstances permit so long as the overall safety of the student is not compromised.

As space in the program is limited, we recommend completion and submission of the application as soon as possible to begin the admission process.

Following receipt of your application and the Application Fee, we will review your application and contact you regarding acceptance.

If you would prefer to print and mail your application, you can download the Application as a PDF.

Online Program Application

We recommend typing your responses in a separate word processing program and then pasting those responses in the form below to avoid losing your work from issues such as page refreshes, power outages, meteor storms, etc.

Note: your application fee must be paid prior to our review of your application.