It's about the journey... Not the pretzel.

Yoga Day Retreat

Bangor Studio
Sunday, June 12th
4:00pm – 8:00pm
Fee: $85 Early Bird (until June 5)
Regular $99

As we approach the summer solstice at Om Land, you’re invited to join us for an opportunity to experience deep restoration. This event is designed to be a retreat-style, self-care immersion, carefully tucked into the space of a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

We’ll have the chance to sink into the soothing environment of the yoga studio, lushly equipped with props, relaxing sound, and a deep sense of held space.

Together, we’ll be invited to practice some gentle yoga forms and guided breath for opening, releasing, and ease. We’ll move in a mindful way and have time for meditation, creativity, and contemplation. Tea, sustenance, and a small gift to take home from the retreat will be available.

There’ll be an extended Restorative yoga session for deep release of held tension, and a return to remembered wellness.

We’ll finish the retreat with guided Yoga Nidra: the restful practice of “sleep yoga”.

A true gift for your own body, heart, and mind, or perhaps a thoughtful surprise for a loved one, enrollment is open now. Please register in advance, this retreat has a limited capacity.

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