Welcome Back Caroline!

Caroline is back with a new class on Friday mornings in Brewer at 9:30am.

Caroline has been teaching yoga for over eleven years. She spent eight years at OmLand Yoga in Bangor and for five of those years was on the faculty of teacher trainers. The last few years Caroline has stepped back from teaching at the studio and focused on her own personal practice and spiritual growth, while continuing to work with her beloved private

Caroline’s classes are influenced and inspired by Rod Stryker’s Para Yoga. Specifically Vinyasa Krama (wise progression), a style that is focused on the energetics of sequencing and prepares the body, mind and energetic body. The scope of practice in Caroline’s classes will include: asana, pranayama, meditation, visualization, cultivation of intention and chanting. The strategy of Para Yoga is to emphasize function over form. So rather than trying to fulfill an ideal image or shape of an asana, function refers to the intended effect – e.g. specific movement of the spine, impact to the viscera and its impact on physiology, mind and subtle anatomy. Adapting the function of the asana to suit your individual condition is key to this work, while also using awareness of your thoughts and feelings to reflect on the unique affects of the practice.

Caroline is also a certified Thai Yoga Bodyworker and is open to accepting new clients to work with individually in the studio.

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