Thai Massage – Yoga Therapy for Everyone

Bangor Studio
Friday, September 6th, 2019
6:00PM – 8:30PM
Fee: $35

Get Metta-Physical! Thai Yoga Shoulder Massage

In this introduction to Thai Yoga Massage workshop you will learn to exchange massage with forearms, elbows, and guided stretches to help relieve tension in one of the places where we hold it the most: shoulders!

Metta means loving kindness and Thai Yoga Massage is a system for turning that kind of Love into a hands-on practice of conscious touch. By definition TYM is as good for the person offering it as the person who receives it, physically, emotionally, spiritually. That makes it a perfect gift for couples, friends, loved ones who want to help each other feel amazing and deepen their bonds. In this workshop you’ll learn how to give an incredible shoulder massage that both stretches and relaxes.

We’ll start with learning the 4 pillars of the practice: Meditation, Stances, Rocking, Compassionate Touch and then you’ll spend the rest of the time learning, practicing and exchanging the massage.

Participants will feel great in the moment and leave with a skill for life. Bring a partner or come as you are and exchange with a new friend.

*This workshop is also the start of Foundations in Thai Massage – Level 1. Students have the option to stay on for the whole weekend. The price paid for this workshop will be deducted from the whole weekend price.