It's about the journey... Not the pretzel.

Studio – Orono

Flying Yoga

Our Orono location, just like our Bangor location, is a gathering place for yogis of all ages to share the experience of practicing together in a community setting. The studio is located in the heart of downtown Orono and, as an extension of and a partner with CSY in Bangor, shares many of the same faculty.

Orono StudioThe two facilities also share the same philosophy — to exist as Community Centers that celebrate the limitless ability of our mind-body connection — for any age and level of physical health. You don’t have to turn yourself into a pretzel. However, just trying can be physically therapeutic, mind altering and, often, fun.

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The Orono studio occupies the northwest corner of a multi-tenant building that includes Black Bear Brewery and The Roost restaurant at 19 Mill Street in Orono. It is across the alley from Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant and across Mill Street from The Store/Ampersand.

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