Sambandha: A Cooperative Aerial Experience

Brewer  Studio

September 29th
12:30pm – 2:30pm

Regular: $45

This workshop is designed for Advanced and experienced Aerial Yoga students. Together, we’ll create a community atmosphere of fun and cooperation by exploring supported asana (yoga postures) in and around the fabric hammock. Working with a partner, students will have the opportunity to create deeper, supported variations of known postures, and explore completely new forms.
Registration is for individuals, you do not need a partner to enroll. On the day of the workshop, it is strongly recommended that students attend a morning class at the studio to prepare.
Advanced Aerial students may enroll at any time; Aerial students who have not completed the Advanced workshop but feel that they have a strong foundation in the practice may contact the studio by email at to discuss enrollment. Class size is limited to fourteen.