Sara York


I have this determination with me through all that I do. Yoga has been no exception. Although I have always been an outdoor enthusiast; biking, hiking/backpacking, swimming, camping (etc.), I was looking for another way to consistently keep my body moving and that’s when I found yoga. I immediately fell in love with the asanas (postures), pushing myself harder and harder until – I experienced an injury. This was a blessing in disguise. I found that I had to hold back my determination and not push myself to my extremes if I wanted to heal. I slowly started finding myself slipping into more meditative states, focusing on my breath and how it connected to my body’s movements and how my body moves. It wasn’t until then that I slowly started noticing changes in my my thinking patterns and my determination. I have learned to slow my determination down and become more mindful of my actions and reactions. Without doubt, this has made me a better person. Now, it is my intention to share my new determination: to bring the knowledge, wisdom, and path of yoga to my students.