Ray Rauscher


As a military aviator with 32 years of service in the Air Force and Air National Guard, yoga found me in early 2016, about a year after I broke my spine. I was in constant pain and finally scheduled for surgery when I met Kasia at a veteran’s fair in Bangor.  She convinced me to give yoga a try and I’m glad I did. I spent the next six weeks or so building strength and flexibility via yoga prior to my surgery.  It worked great and relieved a lot of sciatic pain I was having.  After a successful spinal fusion, I took about 90 days off to heal and then started back up with yoga practice.  Yoga was my physical therapy. 

So, a number of years have gone by and I’ve learned so much more; not just yoga postures but really the philosophy of yoga.  Yoga keeps my pain to manageable levels.  The asanas keep me strong, and the meditation keeps my heart rate down. It truly is a whole body approach to wellness. 

And with that in mind, I’ve decided to give back to the community at large that has been so supportive of me through the years.  I want to work with other disabled vets.  At Om Land, my goal is the same; give back. I plan my classes to be centered, mindful. We are mindful of our bodies and our breath. We stretch, move, and breathe; slowly picking up the pace, and getting the heart rate up bit. We tune into our bodies and see what our bodies respond too. Maybe even get a little exercise.