Katie Quirk


Katie Quirk is a WRITER who, when not at her desk, loves to move: she danced for 15 years, runs along and swims in the Stillwater River, and considers her afternoon well spent if she can play soccer or go cross country skiing with a pack of kids. Yoga asana is a mainstay for Katie: not just a physical practice, but an opportunity to slow down, to put aside the particularities of daily life, and to be absorbed in the present. Katie first started practicing yoga on a mountaintop in South India in 2001 and dug deeper into the practice on the Costa Rican Continental Divide. Recently she has relished her year of teacher training with Om Land Yoga. For Katie, there’s nothing like that full mind and body wash that comes at the end of a good yoga class. Her goal as a teacher is to see students walk away from her classes feeling alive and calm.