Janet Scully


anet Scully took yoga classes here and there for years before she began to seriously focus on her practice in 2014 and started taking classes 2 and 3 times a week. Her love of yoga grew and she discovered that practicing yoga was the perfect balance to her running. She enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training at Om Land Yoga in 2016, not intending to teach, but wanting to deepen her own practice and knowledge of yoga. Little did she know how transformational Yoga Teacher Training would be! It didn’t take long to realize she loved the teaching aspect as much as she loved yoga and started her journey into teaching. Janet is originally from Chicago and traveled around for some years while in the Army before moving to Maine 2000 where she lives with her husband Joe and their superstar Maine Coon cat, Moose. Janet is very excited to be teaching yoga at Om Land and sharing her love of yoga with others!