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Join our VITUAL Studio

Starting Wednesday, June 3rd, we’ll be adding our first VIRTUAL Classes you can sign up for and take from the comfort of your home.

Our first, brave yogis offering classes on our Virtual schedule are Kara Cyr and Mary Evans. Other teachers and classes are coming soon.

VIRTUAL BarSculpt with Kara Cyr – Wednesday, June 3rd, 8am – 9am
VIRTUAL Yin Yoga with Mary Evans – Wednesday, June 3rd, 10am – 11am

Sign up for class through MindBody (the streamed classes will all start with “VIRTUAL” in their title and listed with Brewer as their location). After signing up for a class, you will receive an email overnight before class (we think – it’s all new to us, too…) with the link to join. If you sign up the day of class, it may take a few minutes to receive the email, so try not to wait until class time to register.

Current Om Land Yoga Memberships will cover attendance. Drop-in payments for individual Virtual classes is $2.99. There is also an option to purchase a Virtual-Only Membership for $9.99 (listed under Contracts in MindBody).

NOTE: If you have an active 10-Class Pass, the system will allow you to use that toward attending a Virtual class, but you will in effect be paying $12 for the class. We would advise against this option.

For answers to how the class link will be delivered to you, which browser you should use, etc., follow this link to MindBody Support.

Please bear with us as we get used to the new approach for teaching and bringing streaming classes to you.

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