"The Art and Science of the Energetic Body" Part 3 - Vayus

Bangor Studio

October 13th
4:00pm – 6:00pm

Regular: $44
Early Bird: $34 1-week before event

Let’s talk about the vayus

Some yogis have heard about the vayus—not bayous—but have never explained the meaning

Vayu’s are the winds of energy movement within and around our bodies. It is a subtle body concept to describe the exchange of energy and around our bodies with every inhale and exhale. It is another way to integrate subtle body into our asana practice. 

Come find the winds that flow through and around your body. By cultivating and controlling these winds, we can create optimal health and well-being. We will attempt to blend these winds into our asana practice as we use the concepts to calm and energize our systems.