"The Art and Science of the Energetic body" Part 2 -Bandhas

Bangor Studio

October 13th
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Regular: $44
Early Bird: $34 1-week before event

Bandhas and your body

Equating bandhas to anatomical and physical structures

Bandhas translates to “lock” in sanskrit, but not like the “lock and key” one would normally guess…

Dive in deep connecting your physical body with your energetic body. Join Harvey Deutch, PT for an afternoon to investigate how integrating bandhas into your asana practice can elevate your body beyond its physical form. We will equate this subtle body concept to its more physical form and learn how to move our physical and energetic bodies as one.

By integrating this energetic concept, we can find more stability in yoga asana, pranayama practice and in life!

Join Harvey for a single part or for the whole weekend.