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Give the Gift of Health for the Holidays

Show the people in your life your care about their health with a Gift Card at Om Land Yoga & Massage. Help someone start (or continue) their own journey to wellness. Shop locally and keep our growing community strong.

Om Land Yoga is here to help you give a gift that matters this year. Since you’re already coming to our website, we assume you are already aware of all of the benefits you get out of regular bodywork of yoga and massage. Why not share that knowledge with those close to you that could also find the benefits of taking care of themselves.

In our Online Store, you can select the type of service you want to give or specify any amount that is right for you. You can choose to pick a date to email the Gift Card notification to the recipient or choose to not email it, print the Gift Card out yourself for the perfect stocking stuffer.

Gift Cards

Pick-Your-Own-Value Gift Card: Want to customize the amount you would like to give? You set the amount to give and your grateful recipient can apply that amount toward any services they are interested in: Drop-Ins, 10 Class Series, Workshops, etc.

Let us know if you need any assistance.

Happy Holidays!

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