Aerial ADVANCED Workshops

Brewer Studio
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Fee: $89

Join us for an Aerial ADVANCED Yoga experience that will test our skills and draw us deeper into our sense of connection with the silk. This in-depth workshop will begin with a thorough warm-up, followed by the opportunity to review basic Aerial Yoga skills, and ensure a solid understanding of beginning forms and languaging. Then we’ll assess our balance, strength, and spatial awareness. Confidence in working with the support of the Aerial prop is crucial to safely exploring advanced forms and movements. We’ll learn some new starting places, the building blocks for advanced forms. After a break , we’ll experiment with new and challenging asana in and around the silk. An atmosphere of fun and humility will support our learning time, with plenty of opportunity for questions and practice. We’ll try some new ways of transitioning from one position to another, with and without the support of the floor. To finish, we’ll have the chance to experience a “mini class”. We’ll try out some of the new things we’ve learned, and consider the possibilities of Advanced Aerial practice. And, of course, there’ll be a delightful relaxation to conclude.

Please wear close-fitting clothes and bring water to drink. Students who successfully complete this workshop will be assigned a profile status which allows enrollment into Advanced Aerial classes.