Archives for December 11, 2018

Yoga en Español

We are excited to partner with The Language Exchange in Portland to bring you this new two-part yoga class that will add a bit more Spanish into your lives while you practice yoga.

Whether an experienced yogi in search of more Spanish or a yoga novice interested in trying something new in a language you love, Terry promises that “it is about the journey… not the pretzel!” and that no matter your level, your flexibility, your understanding of Spanish, your reasons for taking this class, you are sure to be in for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. ¡El yoga nunca es aburrido!

Introducing a new sequence of connected postures in each five-week session, Terry will lead this flow-based class primarily in Spanish, with the assistance of Spanish instructor Whitney Lorette Salvail  and with plenty of visual demonstration to make it accessible even to a non-Spanish speaker.

Give it a try and start reaping the multiple benefits that yoga and Spanish can afford you!

In our Portland studio, 44 Oak Street, 2nd Floor.
Dates: Part #1: 02/12 – 03/12; Part #2: 04/02 – 04/30
Evenings from: 6 -7pm
Please register with The Language Exchange